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Patti, I just wanted to give you an update.  Since the refinance, and all the credit card stuff filtering out, things have been really good.  My stress level has gone down to almost nothing.

I just REALLY wanted to THANK YOU so much for getting me financed and at such a LOW rate!  So awesome.  We have been maintaining really well.  I am using cash, or check to pay my bills and staying away from the credit cards.  What an awesome feeling to still have money at the end of the month.  We are getting everything in order and just did our first official payment with Wells Fargo.  Then I am going to start adding additional principal money to bring down that balance faster.  Hopefully, we will get caught up to where we were last time when we had about 6 ½ years left on the loan.  Still a ways from that, but working in that direction.

I really feel that you have given me and my family new hope and relief!  And most important a major lesson learned about credit cards.  Took me a little to sink into my brain, but I think it’s finally there!

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for all you have done for me and my family, you just don’t know how much better things are! Really helps the inter-relationships with the family too!

Again, Patti, I really want to thank you for helping us out on the refinance!!!!!



Since I work with so many mortgage companies on a daily basis, because of my job, it made my decision easy going with you for my own mortgage loan based on a couple of your pleased customers comments.    I hear the horror stories daily.  Thanks for making things easy, fast, convenient, and estimated right…no surprises.
Jennifer Bolanda

5th time Homeowner as of 11/2013

I have purchased and refinanced homes in the past 34 years. In all my experiences I have never worked with someone like Patti Rawson. She went above and beyond in her job to help me up my credit score to receive the best interest rate for my loan.  Patti would do anything to be sure the loan moved forward and close on a timely fashion. I will not use another broker no matter where I live. Patti Rawson is a person to be trusted.

Pat Morosini

To all my friends in the Springs or nearby, here is a great realtor in your area! Additionally, his wife Patti Rawson, is the MOST AWESOME mortgage broker I’ve ever worked with. She’s done one refi for us and one new home purchase w/ a VA loan. I can’t count how many closings I’ve been through and I must say that Patti worked harder, longer and for a better rate than anyone else. Her #: 303.972.9800. South Park Mortgage.

I have had the honor of working with Patti Rawson and South Park Mortgage for nearly 10 years now.  This real estate business is built on relationships and trust and every time  I send a client to Patti she makes me shine.  I love having the confidence of knowing my clients will be very well served.  Patti is very honest and takes the time to explain all of the options of structuring a loan so that she and the borrower can find the best program for their specific needs.  One of the biggest reasons that I continue to work with Patti is that she is very hands on and handles the files from application to closing so she is always on top of the loan and the transaction personally.  Also I am confident that she offers my clients the lowest fees and some of the best interest rates the market has to offer .Not only has Patti been a valuable asset in my business, she has handled several purchase and refinance loans for me personally and we have always been happy with her services.  I look forward to many more years working with Patti Rawson and South Park Mortgage.

Hope Marie Hooper  ReMax Professionals

I have worked with South Park Mortgage for over 10 years now, refinancing with excellent results!  Both times were hassle free and I felt totally comfortable giving all my information to Patti Rawson to find me the best rates.  Patti is wonderful to work with and has the knowledge and guidence that anyone can trust.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to refinance their home loans with excellent rates and customer service.  Working with Patti is like working with family, only better – she takes care of you!

Lisa B.


After nearly 11 months of waiting and stressing over my dream house, I finally closed on it January 7th 2014. I would not have closed on my house if it weren’t for Patti Rawson. I came to Patti 3months later after I had found my dream house and put down the earnest money with the offer.   I had initially had a women from XXXX Mortgage told me that I will not get my house , that I no longer qualified for it because I have no credit.  I didn’t understand because I had followed the XXXX Mortgage women’s instruction and did not use my credit cards. Well because I listened to her and had no credit card balances and no mortgage because that was paid in full when I sold it on April 12th 2013, I no longer qualified for a mortgage due to no credit.  I was really upset and my whole life and dreams were shattered in one cruel phone call. She was very insensitive and basically told me that I will not be getting this house, my dream house.  Fortunately, I remembered the intelligent lady that had been my buyer’s finance lady from my house that I sold on April 12th 2013, I remembered how attentive and professional she was with her client and the paperwork.  I went to her because I needed her professionalism , but most of all I needed her astute expertise. From that moment on,  she was now my finance lady. She apologized for XXXXX Bank and she directed me to this place in Denver to help me increase my credit score. Two months later I was pre-qualified again and this time Patti made sure I did it the right way and I made sure I was a good student and did what I was expected to do or not to do. Patti did not just do her job by being professional and attentive she made sure our dream came true by CARING!!!!   Nowadays, finding people that care about other people and their dreams, well that is hard to find !!  She went above and beyond to get me where I am today and that is living in our home.

Thank you Patti Rawson for being you!

Laura and my son Devin


Thank you for all the hard work you did to help us find our new home! We are excited to make it our own. We appreciate your professionalism and kindness. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season.

Brett, Katelyn and Nolan

Lending is a large part of the home buying process.  I have been a real estate broker for 9 years and have had the chance to work with many mortgage brokers.  I began working with Patti 5 years ago, and she has taken great care of my clients.  Patti is very responsive and has great attention to detail.  She has the knowledge to ask the purchasers the right questions and get them into a loan that best fits their needs.  She keeps me informed throughout the entire transaction and we always close on time.  If you want someone who cares about the client’s needs and saves them money, then Patti is the right person to work with.  I have so much confidence in Patti and her services that my parents and brother have used her for their financing needs as well.

Ryan Barrett

Brixton Real Estate

The first time we dealt with Patti, we rigorously compared her loans against competitors.  I was shocked at just how much better her products were than the others’ products.  We immediately referred our friends to Patti, and she was able to secure them superior loans as well.
In addition to offering the best loans, Patti has always strived to be transparent by explaining all of the associated mortgage loan costs, as well as their amounts.  Patti is responsive and friendly throughout the process.

We’d not think of using anyone else for mortgages now.

Sean Lev Tov

“Patti from South Park Mortgage LLP did a really great job getting me perfect rates locked in for my home loan. This is my first house and had no idea how to apply for a loan and approached her. She really helped me understand the process and made it look so easy. Her dedication, attention to details are highly appreciable. It is my pleasure to recommend South Park Mortgage if you are planning to by a home or refinance you existing loan. Give her a call I am sure she will take care of the rest. Thank you. – Murali and Bindu (First time home owners).”

I originally had another broker, but was convinced to contact Patti because of her reputation. I’m glad I contacted her, because she walked me through the application process all the way–sending me emails every day to let me know where I stood and if any other documents were needed. What I expected to be a difficult situation actually turned out to be pleasant one with her assistance. I recommend her as a broker to anyone — especially to anyone who is apprehensive about the loan process.

Roy Barry

It was a pleasure to work with you on the mortgage process.  You always looked out for my interests.  We got through the typical potholes that qualifying usually presents, especially coming out of the recent downturn of the economy, but we persevered through these and came out very succssfully.  You are a dedicated professional with dogged determination to not allow stuff to go south…so to speak!  I really appreciate you and count on you as a terrific friend to boot.  Thank you for helping me negotiate the hurdles of this more complex era of lending in real estate and thank you for working so hard for me, successfully!

Bob Hammervold.


I would highly recommend Patti Rawson and South Park Mortgage for any mortgage or refinance needs.  We felt a sense of security right from the start.  She was excited to work with us and coached us how to improve our credit scores.  Patti is well equipped and was able to find the right type of loan and lender for our situation.  Patti took the time to understand our history and gave us a clear and accurate estimate of how our numbers would turn out.  There were no surprises or disappointments.  Because Patti is honest and responsive a complicated process was handled with ease.  We felt valued.  She worked hard behind the scenes to represent us, which lowered our stress levels.  Patti connected with us on a personal level and was just as excited as we were when we were handed the keys to our beautiful new home.  We truly believe that Patti Rawson was the best decision we could have ever made.

Heather and Doug Moon

I originally thought it was going to be impossible to get financed for a home mortgage loan.  I had a foreclosure on a VA loan several years ago and had all but given up on the process.  When I was given a glimmer of hope I was so severely skeptical that I almost didn’t look into it.
I was referred to Patti who not only took care of my doubts of the process, but made it painless and FAST.  We had a target date, and even with my procrastination, Patti took care of everything, each detail with utmost care.  We were at the closing table before I knew it and now we are owners of a home that I never thought possible.
I owe so much to Patti for her time and effort, and I would recommend her to anyone, and wish her the best future because she deserves it.
Thanks again Patti!!!!!

Johnathan Tews

Patti helped me purchase my first home and she made things go as smooth as possible. She definitely loves her job, you can tell by her attention to detail, how attentive she is, how quickly she gets things to you and how fast she gets them done. It was my pleasure working with Patti and would definitely do business with her again. Thank you for making this process as painless as possible and thank you again for your excellent help!

Josh Pascavis

Patti Rawson saved me thousands of dollars in fees on my mortgage when I relocated from southern California back to Colorado.  She was able to find me a loan that was inexpensive, had a low interest rate, and a low down payment.  As a result, I was able to afford more home than I thought I could when I started shopping.  Patti was always available to answer my calls when I had questions, which was often.  Just a couple of days before closing it turned out that because of the price of the loan and some money that the sellers were contributing, there was money left over.  Patti managed to use that extra money to buy down my interest rate just a couple of days before closing!  She worked closely with my realtor, and made sure that there were no snags when it came time to close.  I would recommend working with Patti and South Park Mortgage to anybody I know buying a home in the Denver area.

John DuPriest

5 Star Review for a 5280  Magazine  2014  5 Star Professional Mortgage Broker-Patti has helped several of my clients on the financing (and refi) of their home and has done nothing short of a true professional. From start to finish her communication with all parties involved in the transaction remains fluid and consistent. Whenever I’ve needed or my clients have needed any info or had any questions she would get back to us right away, even on the weekends. Her work is always detailed and accurate. Patti does a fantastic job of checking in and keeping everyone up to speed on how things are going throughout the loan process. She truly puts her clients best interest as top priority and is extremely passionate about delivering top-notch service to everyone that she works with.

Brian Paul ReMax Professionals

Patti was fantastic throughout the entire process. We moved from NY back to CO and she made herself available anytime I called. The entire experience was seamless and she acted as our advocate, not just a broker. I would recommend her to my friends and family. Well done Patti and thanks for making the process that much easier. Jason DiFraia

Patti Rawson and South Park Mortgage is the only mortgage broker I would recommend to anyone. Patti’s diligence saved me thousands of dollars by getting me the right loan. Not only at closing but over the period of duration for the loan itself.

South Park mortgage was recommended to me by my real estate agent and following his advice it was the best decision I could have made. I don’t believe there is another company who would have gone as far in assisting me. She not only showed her professionalism, but showed a personal interest and made everything happen so smoothly.

In my limited involvement with mortgages, South Park Mortgage showed me what serving the customer is all about. Going above and beyond to provide a service that I knew nothing about. If you are looking for a new home…chose South Park mortgage for your financial needs.

Dale Dotson

Patti was very helpful and patient during the entire process. We had a lot of questions every step of the way that she was happy to answer. When it came to moving forward with purchasing our new home, she did everything she could to help us close and get through the process smoothly.

Juan Snachez

Patti Rawson of South Park Mortgage is a fantastic resource for purchasing a home!  During our home buying experience, Patti kept us current on fluctuating interest rates, she offered several creative options to finance our new home, and was able to respond quickly to any issues that popped up prior to closing.  What stands out most about Patti is her dedication to service.  There were some pretty weird hour e-mails and she always responded in a timely manner.  Needless to say the closing went without so much as a hiccup.    Thank You Patti! Jason and Beth Poissant

Thank you for getting my clients loans financed. We can always depend on you to be prompt, professional and knowledgeable about the industry. When the closings come, everything is complete and in order. Your contacts in the industry are outstanding and help get the job done. Some of the loans I didn’t think could be done, but you pulled it off! Again, thank you!

Clay Copeland

Jefferson Real Estate, Inc.

Recently we tried to get our home mortgage refinanced through a local bank.  What a nightmare.  The bank never discussed with us about what we needed or who we really were.  We were rejected almost immediately.

We heard about South Park Mortgage and knew Patti Rawson from another business arrangement.  So we decided to have her take a look at our situation and see if she could help.  What a difference!  We got immediate and undivided personal attention to every detail.  She understood our situation and put us together with a lender and underwriter that got the job done quickly and efficiently! She went way beyond the scope of any other mortgage broker we know of.

We closed on our refi and I have to say, I’m extremely pleased that we were able to get a great interest rate that will end up saving us more than $700 monthly in our mortgage payments.

Thanks again, Patti, and we will tell everyone we know about South Park Mortgage!!Sincerely, Gary  and Judy Huggins

Patti looked at my loan docs from a “friend” and beat the refinance on my home and saved me thousands over what my life long friend was doing for me! Patti is a true friend that I trust and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend again and again!

Ken Tell

We refinanced our home mortgage with Patti and she was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and she always got back to us in a timely fashion. When issues arose she guided us and told us how to fix them. She was prompt and always let us know of any changes right away. We were able to close on time and we were greatful for that. We would highly recommend Patti to anyone!!

Vic and Carmen Musina

Patti is the absolute best! As first time home-buyers, we were lost at the beginning of the process. Initially, Patti worked with us over email as we gave her all of the info to apply for the loan. From there we met with her and she explained everything we didn’t understand (which was a lot at the time!). Patti was always extremely prompt in returning emails, patient in her explanations and spent time with us on the phone answering questions we had.

I honestly feel like we didn’t experience the ‘typical’ pains in purchasing a home as everything was so easy and smooth. Patti was wonderful and we were lucky to have her for our first home purchase and look forward to working with her again in the future! Michelle Henry and Mike Conrad

Patti was amazing to work with. I began working with Patti in July to purchase a home. At the time I had been working with a few different real estate agents, when Patti recommended me to her husband Kevin (who was amazing). Patti was able to pre approve me for a loan quickly. She helped for me to understand my finances and what I was able to afford. She did several cost analysis for me so I could see what would be best for what I wanted to have as a monthly payment. When it came to finding the perfect home, Patti was right there with my walking me through each step. She explained everything very well and answered all question I had very quickly. She was able to help me understand all the costs and help me prepare adequetly for closing. Patti even recommended me to and amazing insurance representative to set up the insurance I needed to have. My experience was amazing and for a first time home buyer, I don’t think I could have ever found someone as amazing as Patti. I highly recommend Patti to all those purchasing a home! Melissa K.

Patti acted proactively throughout the process in order to stay ahead of schedule on the loan application and approval. She was great to work with and the icing on the cake was the 3.25% 30yr fixed rate that she was able to get for me!!  Jerry B

I would not hesitate to recommend Patti and in fact have for a number of my clients based on excellent feedback. Patti is very professional, provides very competitive mortgage options and was great about following through and doing exactly what she promised  Sean W

Working with Patti to buy our new home was an absolute pleasure! Needless to say, we were not looking forward to the whole process of buying and going through all the financial necessities associated with buying a home! But I can truly say that Patti made it painless! If/when we move again, we will definitely be requesting her services again. Patti is very personable and made us feel like we were important to them. I also greatly enjoyed working with her husband on the realtor side. They are a great pair! VERY knowledgeable and insightful. We got a terrific rate! Would highly recommend Patti Rawson!  Brett and Dawn J.

Over the years I have purchased and/or refinanced several homes.  Patti guidance made this the smoothest loan process I ever experienced.   She was right there, on top of everything, every step of the way during the refinancing of my second home in the Centennial area.  She secured a 15 year fixed loan at 3%.  I will joyfully utilize her services again if I ever have the need.  She also took the additional step of finding me a great electrician.

Roberta H.

Patti Rawson is an outstanding Real Estate Professional, her courteous and kind persona is comforting and warm. She does her absolute best to help you out in whatever situation you bring forth to her. I recently wanted to refinance a rental of mine and get a better interest rate. Patti was more than willing to help me get a better interest rate and even more so did it in a very efficient and quick time frame. Her knowledge of the “ins and outs” of the real estate world are very valuable and helped not only streamline the process but avoided any avoidable stalling through it all as well. I got a good rate locked in and was extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend Patti Rawson to anyone trying to deal with or thinking about real estate issues, her one of a kind attitude and professionalism are unmatched! I look forward to working with Patti again soon when me and my lovely girlfriend/ soon to be fiancé get ready to buy our dream home!

Aldo P.

My wife and I had the privilege of working with Patti Rawson and South Park Mortgage for the 2nd time to purchase a new house here in Colorado! We cannot say enough about Patti. Her professionalism, experience, and ability to make us feel comfortable through the entire process were priceless. Patti was so helpful, professional, and thorough that we didn’t experience one issue or raise of our heartbeat throughout the entire process. Patti was in constant contact with us and always working to find the best options for this purchase of our home. She provided an excellent professional service by explaining all the tricky procedures and helping us through the tricky paper work. It took almost no time to get our home purchased and on top of that she was excellent communicating with us, our realtor, and the seller’s realtor. If you are looking for someone who works tirelessly, takes pride in her work, and knows the business, Patti and South Park Mortgage is the right choice. Thank you Patti! We would absolutely refer you to anyone we know that needed to buy a house! Working with a well-organized, honest and experienced mortgage broker like you was such a breath of fresh air in this crazy real estate world we are currently in. You and your company are leaps and bounds above the competition!

Mark and Kerrie M.

Patti is a true professional. From the first contact through to the closing, Patti was on top of everything needed to allow for a smooth, non-complicated, painless re-fi. Patti was able to lock us into an extremely low interest rate with a much shorter term. Our goal is to have our mortgage paid off by the time we retire and we are extremely grateful to Patti as this now seems attainable. You won’t regret using Patti with South Park Mortgage as your mortgage broker!!

Ed and Karen L.

Patti was amazing to work with! I began working with Patti February 2015 to purchase a new home for my family. We encountered a lot of challenges include the market conditions, a sale fall out, bad realtor, but Patti never gave up on me or my family. Patti was able to pre-approve me for a loan quickly before we even started the process to ensure smooth sailing as much as possible. She helped for me to understand my finances and what I was able to afford. When it came to finding the perfect home, Patti was right there with my walking me through each step. She explained everything very well and answered any and all questions I had. She was able to help me understand all the costs and help me prepare for closing so there would be no surprises. Patti even went above and beyond and recommended an amazing insurance representative to set up the insurance coverage I needed to have for my family. My experience was amazing, I don’t think I could have ever found someone as amazing as Patti. I highly recommend Patti to all those who are in the market to purchase a home! I have not only found someone to work with for all my future home financial needs, but also a life long friend!

Kristin D.

I could not have been more pleased with Patti’s attentiveness and availability. Having purchased a property with another lender in the past and having a less than stellar experience, great communication was very important to me. Patti exceeded all expectations in that regard, going above and beyond to ensure all parties involved in the transaction were up to speed with new information. I look forward to a continued relationship with Patti as my first choice lender.

Maciej B.

Patti was recommended by my banker, and after my initial contact, she made the refinance process easy, quick, and painless. She is knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. I would recommend Patti to anyone in need of a mortgage loan. Best customer service experience !

Joan M.

It was a pleasure working with Patti. Everyone should have the kind of experience I had with this refi – professional, courteous, honest and prompt! If you are considering a refinance, do yourself a favor and add Patti to your list of lenders.

Jeff W

I have been working with Patti Rawson on several projects. She is amazing to work with as she really cares about her clients. Every question came with an immediate response. I refinanced my home thru Patti with ease. She helps make the process pain free. I would recommend her to all my friends

Donna I.

Wow! Patti is AWESOME! She makes the process simple and made it stress free for me. She did all the work, I just provided her with docs. My fiancé and I will be purchasing a home in the next few years and Patti will certainly get our business. Thank you Patti, for caring about our lives and our futures. You are genuine and made this easy for me.

Tiffany B.

Patti did a great job helping us navigate our first home purchase. She was available any time we needed her, day, night or weekend, even checking on mortgage rates for us while she was on vacation in order to lock the absolutely best rate for us! She even called the Listing Agent on the dream home we found to assure them we were well qualified buyers and that our offer was solid! I have no doubt this made all the difference in our offer being accepted! We would recommend Patti to anyone looking to purchase or refinance and looking for personalized, knowledgeable service. It is no wonder she has a 5 star rating, she has earned every single star! Thank you Patti!

Sara D.

Patti was a very helpful guide through the labyrinthine process of securing a home mortgage. She answered every question I had in a thorough fashion and ensured that the process was a clear as it could be. I would highly recommend her services.

Jeff and Angie A.

We worked with Patti and her husband (who was our realtor). What a breath of fresh air! We had a horrible experience buying a home in 2007 and were very reluctant to buy another home because of it. Not only did she get us an amazing rate (with not so perfect credit) but she was knowledgeable to a degree that made buying our home a learning experience that was actually fun! There was never a moment that I couldn’t call her for advice or ask a question – and she ALWAYS answered her phone, every single time. Give Patti (and her husband) a chance. They are absolutely amazing people and very great at what they do!

Sarah and Kelly Weatherford

As first time home buyers using the VA loan we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Patti was our beacon of hope when it came to understanding the loan process. She was there every step of the way, available day and night to answer any questions. Emails, texts, calls, were all answered faster than 911 calls. Not only did she help us with our loan but also found us great deals on home insurance policies. Being a Colorado native, Patti has the resources, accompanied with her experience, to make your next home purchase stress free and smooth. If we could, we would give her 6 stars. No reason to look for another Broker ever again.

Alex and PK

Patti’s expert knowledge helped make our refinance simple and smooth. This was my second refinance with South Park Mortgage. I certainly recommend her for your mortgage loan business.

Kelvin and Anne A.

Patti was simply incredible when it came to handling our mortgage when buying our new house. Her prompt responses, her ability to resolve problems with lightning speed, and her follow up was impeccable. Additionally, she has such a warm and friendly personality that it made working with her a true pleasure. My wife and I will never use anyone else and would recommend her to anyone we can.

Lucas and Jacque P

Patti did an amazing job for us. She was very responsive and dependable. She got us a great rate and the loan was approved nearly a week and a half in advance of closing. We would absolutely use Patti again!!

MJ and Jenn F

We are very greatfull for Patti’s help through the entire loan process. She really helped us every step of the way. Patti was very knowledgable through the whole process. The customer service is top notch. We were very impressed with how quickly she responded to our calls and emails at what seemed like all hours. Patti truly went above and beyond.

Brandon and Summer S.

Closed refinance loan.

We couldn’t recommend Patti more highly enough. She truly cares about her clients and finds joy in her work. She knows everything there is to know about the mortgage industry, and she is super responsive. She works so hard for her clients, and everything went completely smoothly.

We used Patti for our Re-fi and had a great experience. Everything went smooth and simple and she was able to lock in rates better than any other broker we researched.

Becca and Peder K.




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